Branding & Logo's

From logos to the complete package of branding, LiDesign focusses on developing the best possible logos. Our aim is to present your companys values and therefore attract its target audience. Logos are the crown on your company. Furthermore they are the first impression of potential customers. Therefore, LiDesign works in close cooperation with the customer, in order to get a clear view of their vision, mission and values.

Website Development

A nice and polished website has been proven to increase the credibility and reputation of your business. Furthermore, it enhances your (online) presence as a company. As a result, your audience will discover you easier. Therefore, a well-developed website makes you stand out among your competitors. Since LiDesign is a graphic design company, it doesn't only develop a solid website; it's also bound to be very good at designing it. On top of that, LiDesign focusses on security, search engine optimization and social media integration. Ideally, LiDesign meets up face to face with their customers several times. This happens before, during and at the end of the design process.

Photo editing

Since online marketing has increased the competition in every business, it is obvious that imagery is playing a more and more important role. Photo editing proves to be a highly effective way to communicate your key values. As we say, an images speaks louder than 1000 words. Therefore, by editing a photo, you can truly represent your business' message. And finally, stand out among your competition. But, photo editing doesn't always have to be strategic and business minded. instead, it can also be fun. A nice expressive or tweaked image can always serve as a unique and exclusive gift.


Stationery, also known as office supplies, is a nice way to bring your values as a business to the foreground. First of all, you can create a unified working atmosphere by giving your employees a promotional gift. Or, these business giveaways can enhance the bond between you and your customers. On top of that, through promo and advertising, you are able to present your best qualities to the outside world. In order to bring these values to the foreground, the design of it is extremely important. A consistent design, that gives your company recognition, is key. Luckily, LiDesign specialises in coherent designs and delivers mockups. Contact us for flyers, posters, (digital) banners, office supplies and much more.

Reviews and Recommendations

  • Leslie Pels
  • Paul Moise
  • Shana Gegvataj
  • Martijn Dedroog
  • Pino Canale

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The expertise, the work and service. LiDesign is very trustfull.
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Een prettige en professionele samenwerking gehad. Zeker een aanrader als je iemand zoekt die betrouwbaar en goed werk levert!
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Dit bedrijf levert kwaliteit ontwerpen af met oog voor precisie. Met de juiste tools en technologie maken ze een digitaal ontwerp klaar voor productie. Vriendelijk service en altijd met een lach.
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Zeer tevreden over de ontwerpen die LiDesign voor onze spelers heeft gemaakt. Dit grafisch ontwerp bureau heeft enkele foto’s voor onze voetbalspelers gemaakt. Hiermee promoten wij onze spelers. Wij waren zeer tevreden over de nauwe samenwerking en de afgeleverde resultaten. LiDesign hield rekening met onze wensen en paste het ontwerp verder aan indien wij dat nodig achten.
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