SIM Management

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Soccer Invest Management is a company that provides several management programs for talented football players. Therefore they hired LiDesign to present their players through several promotional banners. 

SIM manages professional football players and talented youth. They work closely with FIFA-recognized players’ agents and legal experts. Therefore this company wanted to extend this type of professionalism. They didn’t only want to help their players in a professional way, they also wanted to present them professionally. SIM asked for a powerful and clean design that depicted the strengths of several players. 

Since LiDesign always puts their customers’ needs first, we started to investigate. This phase was the most time consuming of the entire project. We needed a clear vision of the characteristics and playing style of these talents. Luckily SIM management was easy to communicate with. They had an open mind and were always ready to help. 

Once we had a clear view of the player, the design phase went smooth. After a few minor changes, SIM was fully satisfied. Afterwards we presented the promotional banners one more time and reached an agreement. 

LiDesign is always glad to work on sport related projects. Additionally photo editing is one of our strengths. SIM’s inspiration to hire us came from one of our previous projects: Cherif Soumah #9. Hearing our work is appreciated and acknowledged, encourages us to keep progressing as a design company.