Meli-T Organic Teas & Spices

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Meli-T is an organic teas and spices corporation. They are located in Haiti, a small, tropical island in the Caribbean. Since they wanted to take their brand to the next level, they asked LiDesign to help them
with their logo.

The founder of Meli-T Organic Teas and Spices, is Melissa Sanon. She has been trained in Agribusiness and Business management. Her passion for tropical herbal tea and organic farming reflects onto the business. Therefore this type of fair and passionate commerce had to be visible in their logo.

The herbs they use are not only organically grown, but also taken care of by their own network of farmers. Insuring them of quality and the fair-trade of their products. Furthermore, these farmers respect the Haitian nature. For that reason, LiDesign chose the simple shape of a leaf as eye catcher for the logo. This symbol is globally known and has the same meaning in many different cultures. Renewal and revitalization.

Besides color requirements (green and yellow), Meli-T didn’t give us any restrictions. Since we had a good view of the business from the beginning, the project went smooth. Only one sketch was further developed graphically. Afterwards a few different typefaces were applied and compared. But the overall look and feel of the logo was clear from starting point.

As a design company we are very happy to work for customers that care for their people and the environment. Therefore we were glad to deliver a fitting and recognizable logo to Meli-T. Their aim is to increase production and sell internationally in the long run. We hope that our logo helps them to get the recognition they deserve as a company.

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