LiDesign is a graphic design and website development agency with one simple rule: 

My name is Lore Nijst. Since I was young, I was always attracted towards design. I used to draw, paint and keep myself busy in any creative way possible. Growing up, I became more familiar with computers and technology.

Because I never felt these skills were of any use in the outside world, I studied something completely different; meteorology. Nevertheless, the joy of designing never disappeared. Therefore, I eventually took the step to follow courses in graphic designs as well as in website design and website development. During this period I picked up a lot of valuable skills. In addition, I never stop learning and always try to develop my skills further. That is why I learn at least one thing a day. Whether it is about logo design, advertising, photo editing or the more technical part of social media marketing, SEO or even branding.
In the end, the step to start as a small business owner was obvious. So, LiDesign was born. A small graphic design agency located in Hasselt, Belgium, which specializes in logos, stationery, advertising, flyers, photo editing, website development and so much more. Read all about them and click this button …
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“We are multifaceted and strive to improve and expand our talents, day by day; in order to align the design to your needs”

“In order to align it with your expectations and needs: We develop a design that presents your business in a creative and universally understandable language.”  

DJ Equipement Store

DJ EQUIPEMENT STORE For an assignment at the design school, we were assigned to create a logo. The logo was for a fictive DJ equipement store. This was the starting...

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SIM Management

SIM MANAGEMENT Soccer Invest Management is a company that provides several management programs for talented football players. Therefore they hired LiDesign to present their players through several promotional banners.  SIM...

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Meli-T Organic Teas & Spices

MELI-T ORGANIC TEAS & SPICES Meli-T is an organic teas and spices corporation. They are located in Haiti, a small, tropical island in the Caribbean. Since they wanted to take...

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