Gender in Motion

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In response to a logo contest (Gender in Motion), established by the Belgian Defense, we are glad to say we designed the winning design. The purpose of the logo was to adjust the perception on gender diversity within the military. The design brief stated that the image had to envision the progression and acceptation of gender equality. 

Visualizing gender equality was a challenging task. We needed to do proper research in order to understand the true meaning of gender equality. This included a lot of analyzing and brainstorming. 

During the beginning of the design phase, we encountered some difficulties. Presenting gender equality, in a universally understandable language, wasn’t that simple. It became clear from the start, that the definition of gender was in general misunderstood. Therefore, it was our task to present it as comprehensive as possible. 

After loads of sketches, we gradually made some progress. LiDesign needed some time to understand the full concept of their needs. Once we did, slowly but surely the designs improved. From complicated and irrelevant designs, we started creating some simple but comprehensive logo’s. 

We developed our best logos further. This left us with 3 proper designs. In order to enter the contest we needed to send maximum 3 logos, this was ideal. We described the idea behind them and waited patiently for the results.

After some time, the winner was announced. Because it took us a lot of time to understand the concept, we were glad to hear we won. We designed a logo that fitted the project perfectly. It was easy to understand, simple and recognizable.