F.U.S.A. – Haiti

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F.U.S.A. (Farinen United Sports Academy) is a non profit organisation established in 2012. Paul Moïse build this organisatation in order to support children in Haïti and help them finding their way in life. 

Since he has been born and raised in Haiti, he knows exactly what these kids need. Therefore F.U.S.A. aims to help the children discover and develop their talents. Using sport and education they will help Haitian’s young generation.

The aim of this entire project is to give these children a chance to work on something they can believe in, to develop their talents and to learn how to work together as a team. In the long run, F.U.S.A. believes this project will improve the well-being and the quality of life in Haiti. And as a result improve the reputation of this beautiful country. 

Education will guide the youth in seeking their interests. They will be able to find their way and direction in their lives. It propels them in the right, proper and straight direction. It helps them to look beyond the place they grew up in and picture the place they want to live in. Furthermore, sport gives them the confidence and courage they need to face their fears and work as a team. 

LiDesign stands behind these believes and signed in 2019 as a board member of this generous organisation. Their renewing goals makes them different from the common charity organisation. Taking a refreshing angle on sport and education, helping an entire community grow, spoke to us. Therefore, LiDesign supports F.U.S.A. and helps them through our services.