Cherif Soumah #9

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Cherif Soumah is a young African football player. He managed to get accepted in a professional Belgian football club: KRC Genk. In order to encourage this prodigy during his journey, LiDesign creates advertising images. Cherif uses these on his social media sites, to promote himself as a promising striker.

This young football player was born in the capital of Guinee, Conakry. Therefore it’s not surprising that Cherif grew up loving football, since the most practiced sport in Guinee is football. He didn’t only love the sport, he also put a lot of effort and work in it. Other than that, he is humble and respectful. He does not see himself as the best player. But, to put it in his words, he is working hard to become (one of) the best. 

During the season 2017-2018, a talent scout, Paul Moïse, spotted Cherif. Since this scout also has a coaching background, he noticed this promising kid was lacking some essential points. However, he could see from the beginning that this football player was exceptionally talented. Therefore, he approached the father and helped Cherif Soumah with individual training. It didn’t take much time afterwards, for professional football clubs to pay interest in the young striker. 

Since Cherif Soumah is a friend of LiDesign, we are glad to help him out. Becoming a professional football player is a bumpy road and can create a lot of stress. Therefore we are glad to help him out during his journey. We sincerely hope that these images give him the support he needs and keep him working towards his goals. 

“On behalf of LiDesign, we wish you a good journey and hope that your dreams will come true.”