DJ Equipement Store

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LiDesign DJ Equipement Store Logo


For an assignment at the design school, we were assigned to create a logo. The logo was for a fictive DJ equipement store. This was the starting point of LiDesign. 

The logo had to be unique in its field, but easy to associate with the music business. The aim of this assignment, was to understand the brand you need to design for. And therefore also investitare the existing competition.  

Once we had a good view on the field, in which the company had to stand out in, we started designing. This involved an initial brainstorm about the DJ equipement store. 

Afterwards we sketched samples until we were satisfied about at least 3 to 5 outcomes. These, we could further develop into effective, graphic logos. This meant, easy to recognize, versatile and memorable. 

The assignment was very helpful to start a graphic design company. The stages we had to go through were very productive. Furthermore these stages were in line with our visions to put our customers first. Their needs are our main priority. 

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